Monday, November 11, 2013

our days these days...

Two blog posts in one day? Oh my! I just didn't feel like this one went with the last one, so... you get two.

I have been maintaining my sanity since my appointment with my therapist last week, been doing much better on deciding what to have on my plate and what not to. I have done some organizing and thinking about decorating and some such things, but from a more pleasurable place, not a frantic one. I read in one decorating book that decorating is something that happens over time, not all at once. That is a helpful thing for me to think on. I did take the plunge and finally organize kitchen cupboards and drawers. I was avoiding that, truly.

Jacob and I made homemade granola which was wonderful and made me feel a bit more like myelf.... or my Portland self. It made the house smell so lovely and it's just delicious to eat!

And Jacob has been engrossed in domino tracks these days, giving us tours of the layout after completion. He's still figuring out all the ways to make them actually all fall, but he's just loving the whole process.

The baby is still moving and grooving in there at a lovely 29 weeks! We are making good progress, s/he and I. I'm still eating for one and a half but I will say that I don't usually feel the bottomless pit that I used to. Hopefully, all my fat cells have sucked up enough so, for the rest of this pregnancy, the fat can all go to the baby. 

Finally, I am also starting to take this online photography course that found on Groupon and signed up for in July. I have a year to take it but have not done anything with it yet. So, in light of trying to do more for me and my nourishment as well as actually use this thing I bought, I'm actually doing it! Hopefully, I'll learn some stuff and my photos will improve. 

And on that same note, I've also thought of taking more pictures of the things around me and my house (ahem) that I do like. Sometimes it's easier to see all the stuff I don't like and that bothers me. So this is a challenge to myself to look for the positive!



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