Thursday, April 11, 2013


So, I have not been writing about any infertility goings-on for awhile because we've been in another holding pattern. Just waiting for my body to go through the cycle it needed to. But we are finally getting back into the swing of things. 

Remember how I ended my my last post on infertility with the joyous shout of "no needles!"? Well.... I was just naive and wrong. There are needles. Plenty of them. Sigh.
When I got my new calendar of events (showing me all the drugs I'd be taking this time), I pretty much started crying. It wasn't just having to take shots again (although that was part of it), but having just come down from the long journey to what was supposed to amount to a pregnancy, only to be told I have to go through another month and a half of taking shots, having my hormones screwed with, needing to keep track of three shots and pills and times of the day and.... aaaahhhhh! It felt like a lot. I was tired - emotionally, mentally, physically. This process takes energy from all parts of me. 

But.... time passed. The glass half-full person in me came back. And I did enjoy a few glasses of wine as well. This time, we're just suppressing my body from doing anything: growing eggs, ovulating, building a lining. That's the shot I'm taking now which is the easy one, into the stomach. I've done this before. Also, here's the needle:

I mean, come on, it says right on there "ultra comfort". Why not add, "for her pleasure" while you're at it?

So, even amidst the throes of Jacob finding himself, we continue to work toward another addition to the family. If all goes according to plan, our transfer of the embryos will be on my birthday, May 7th, exactly three years from when we started trying to have another child. What a crazy, unforeseen, fascinating journey....


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