Monday, November 11, 2013

perspective from a cemetery

Ever since I can remember, I have always found cemeteries to be calming and relaxing, peaceful and comforting. This may sound odd at first. Let me explain. 

Cemeteries are quiet, usually landscaped nicely with older trees, making me feel nicely closed in and protected. There is beauty in the nature throughout cemeteries and beauty in the care people have put into the graves of loved ones. 

Also, cemeteries always give me perspective on life, reminding me that we are here for a time, we all die and life goes on still. 

Yesterday, out of pure frustration with Jacob, I grabbed my camera and left the house (Fraser was home, don't worry). The first place I thought to go was the cemetery not far from our house. It was a beautiful sunny fall day and as I looked around at the names of families and people, I also felt myself relaxing and gaining perspective. 

Life is an amazing experience, I've always thought. And I've always been a bit humbled at the awareness that I get to be me and know it. It is entirely different but just as humbling and awesome to think that I also get to bring someone else into his or her life. All these souls of the people buried in this cemetery were once inside a woman. They once lived a life that to them and the ones who knew them was important and worthwhile. And they have all gone on to the next realm, as we all do. 

This life each of us is in is special and wonderful and challenging. It is fun and dreary, delightful and difficult. But it is ours. Right now, it is ours. And with that perspective, I took a few deep breaths, thanked whatever souls were surrounding me and returned home to my child. 


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