Sunday, June 30, 2013

journey to Boulder

We made it. A bit hot, dirty and disgruntled (after all, we were traveling with a four and a half year old), but we made it. The journey overall was a good one. Some complaining from the small one, but nothing too bad. He filled his time with thumb-sucking, doing mazes, listening to Roald Dahl audio books and Raffi (I brought other options but that was always his choice) and looking out the windows. 

Fraser and I decided that camping while moving is not as much fun as camping on its own. Nor are sleeping pads as comfortable as they once were, although I must say my deluxe version was much better than Fraser's ultralight (aka super thin) version. Our three person tent was super cozy, though, and I am glad we spent a few nights camping. Our route took us out through eastern Oregon, down to southern Idaho, across the northeast corner of Utah and into Colorado. We did not camp in the hottest of places, Utah, at 95 degrees and no shade. Every time I got out of the car, it felt like my skin was melting off. No thanks. Even if it is dry heat. 

I'll try to keep the pictures to the highlights. 

Malad Gorge in southern Idaho

sage head - the boy loves it, just like his mama

a loon

great white pelican
Lake Walcott at the Minidoka Wildlife Refuge

Dinosaur National Monument, UT
dinosaur fossils!


most complete allosaurus skull excavated

cave paintings from early peoples

Green River

notice all the colours......
Glenwood Canyon

the tunnels here (vastly different from Portland's)
Lake Sylvan

ahh, aspen

our cozy tent

way easier to get a silly face out of the boy than a smile

but we bribed him with gum

coming into Boulder....
 Somewhat surreal returning.... I remember so vividly when we left, tears in our eyes, all of us a few years younger. Strange. Definitely glad to be done driving. We'll take it from here one day at a time.

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