Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letting go

Yoga this morning. My focus: letting go. So much of the time we hold things that are not necessary to hold. We hold grudges, anger, fear, worries, grief, old beliefs and teachings. Most of the time it may not be obvious that these things are weighing us down. It's only when we encounter something difficult that we realize how much extra stuff we're holding, things that don't allow us to move forward. 

In my yoga practice, I must let go of tension, release my breath, shift into a pose, focus only on the moment as my muscles strengthen into this new and challenging position. There can be no distractions in my mind. I must let go of everything but this moment, or I will not be able to accomplish it.

Life is similar. The things we needlessly hold only serve to distract us from being able to learn something new, shift our perspective on an issue, focus on the present. They add a sense of false security because they are familiar, comfortable, easy. Let them go. 

Get rid of the clutter of your lives, from burdensome beliefs to the years of stuff sitting in your garage or attic or basement. Keep only what you have truly examined and accepted as meaningful or that adds love to your life. The rest of it.... let it go. Embrace your life as it is. Embrace the challenge of growth. Feel your spirit lighten and fly. 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Jill. It seems to get harder to do the older I get.