Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The first few days back have taken some... adjusting, as is expected. Moving back to somewhere is very different from moving to a new place. A new place holds all sorts of wonder and discovery and adventure and you expect these things because you've never been there before. Returning to a place is different because I have changed, the place and people have changed and, even though I do know some of it, I don't know lots of it. And being in a different place myself (parenting, interests, etc) I need to find different things to meet my needs. 

So, the second day we were here we went to the farmers market. No offense, Boulder, but I was disappointed (and a little depressed) afterwards. Mostly, it just has to do with being in a completely different growing region that is just not capable of growing all that Oregon can. And I know that, in my head. But to come from an area where the strawberries, tayberries, raspberries, cherries.... were all starting to burst onto the scene.... well, it was just a bit heartbreaking to see only one cherry stand and one farm selling ($5) pints of teeny strawberries. Sigh. Even the vegetables were not as plentiful as we remembered. 

Of course, the heat continues to sap me of energy. This is a tolerance that has to be acquired over time. Much like the elevation gain. And prices are higher here than in Portland in general. And it's just.... getting used to what is local again. What is around here, what do find to do, getting to know friends' schedules and lives again, where to get info for what is going on around here... all the little things that, honestly, I either already knew when I lived here before or didn't have an awareness of yet. Portland plethora of things to do (not to mention eat) and being a new person there trying to learn the area, taught me more about really looking around for things that interest me and Jacob. 

I'd give the week a 5 out of 10 at this point, and I'm glad to have a little holiday break tomorrow. Getting out of the house is a must, especially because it's not even ours and I can't really do a whole lot around it (although that might be a bit of a blessing in disguise). The good news is that there is a playground just down the street from us that we've been enjoying. We have a great putt-putt golf course just up the road, and Jacob has already taken a dip in the Boulder Creek. And we have a library card! 

Things are coming along, bit by bit. It's definitely a bit weird to be back, a bit older, a bit different inside, but with things around still very similar. Similar but different. I think this will be an interesting journey.

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