Sunday, September 16, 2012

new year's reso-what?

So, those monthly goals.... It was about June, I think, that they tapered off a bit. Reflection. Then vacation. Then indecision. I see a pattern here. I've been trying to get motivated to stick to one goal, focus on it, write about it. And I just haven't gotten there (as is evident from the lack of posts recently). A specific goal is not motivating me this month.

I have several cookbooks out from the library right now. Four, specifically. And they are all very interesting and inspiring. And I have been doing some delicious, homemade food: hummus (from dried beans, not canned), corn cakes with avocado and roasted tomatoes, stuffed portabellas (which were superb and were from a basic recipe and that I tweaked). I have also been culling my recipe collection. So, it's not as if nothing has been going on. Some things I've learned while on this cooking journey:

:: salads are easier and happen more often when you wash the lettuce all at once and have it on hand

:: don't be afraid to get out the vegetables and chop away (it also helps to know how to chop)

:: planning is better (for me) but even without a plan I can come up with edible things

:: I really love cookbooks and recipes and cooking magazines....

As for organizing... oh, it has its moments and then it doesn't. My problem: I get gung ho about something and then, half or three quarters of the way through, I lose interest. Not sure what that's all about but it pops up in my life in different ways. So, the filing cabinet is mostly done (although that does involve me and another person), my dresser is three quarters of the way gone through (the last drawer has the most random junk, so I'm avoiding it), I have a table for Jacob that I'm refinishing - I only have a chair to sand and then painting which is the fun part. See? It's all over the place. Sigh... 

And so... I'm not feeling motivated to work on one specific goal right now. There's kind of a mish mash going on it feels like and trying to pick on thing to focus on is just stressing me out and making me avoid writing about it. That's no fun. Instead of trying to force something, we're just going to go with the flow.... and see where it leads.


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