Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the longest day (of the year)

Well, we did it. We took our first camping trip as a family of four over summer solstice. 

Pretty surprised that we could fit everything in here!

Overall, I'd call it a success. And I would do it again.... in a little while. But there were some learnings, too:

:: babies have a lot of gear that goes with them which is especially evident when camping out of a small car

:: do not underestimate the amount of outfits a baby can go through in two days and one night; in our case that involved two poopy blowouts, three layers soaked through with pee and at least three onsesies soaked with drool

:: rain is becoming almost reliable when camping in the Colorado summertime   
:: we need a bigger tent; although there is space (barely) for all of us in the five person tent we have, there's not room for us in there comfortably during aforementioned rain

:: a five year old has an impressive amount of energy (well, I did already know that)

Benjamin seemed to enjoy himself, though. He hung well during the day and slept great at night! It was me who didn't sleep as well. The campground was loud, the air mattress too saggy, I was wondering if Benjamin was too cold, Fraser started snoring.... sigh. Still.... I would do it again. But next time, I'll pump up the mattress some more.


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