Tuesday, March 25, 2014

the 9th day

Jacob was sick all last week. Like, nauseous, fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, not sleeping at night (!) sick. Yesterday we took him to the doctor (for the second time) and found out that he has strep throat. Got the antibiotics, thought last night would be better... no. He seems worse. Almost all night he was up with "the pukey feeling." Poor love. 

Meanwhile, Fraser has deadlines at work that must be met. He's been working on them a lot but had come home at different times last week to help out at home. Well, there's no more of that right now. His parting words to me this morning were, "I hope to be home by midnight." Okaaaay... 

So, even though I said I was going to wait until Jacob was better to make these cookies, it's not happening folks. This girl needs these now! I've only been thinking about them since finding the recipe a few weeks ago. I thought I could hold off, but when you have a sick five year old on his 9th day of feeling miserable, a newborn who doesn't like to sleep in (helpful) regular intervals and a husband who is swamped at work, well.... let's face it. I need some chocolate chip cookies.  

A little blurry - taken while holding a fidgety baby.
 Ummm.... yes. And double yes. And yes, please. As Jacob would say, "Delectable." Or, as he actually said this evening when he tried one, "These are more than delicious." Child, I couldn't agree more.

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