Thursday, March 20, 2014

thanks to you...

I just wanted to send out a few words of appreciation for those of you who take the very valuable and limited time you have to read this blog. Even if it's just once in a while or even if you just look at pictures, it means something to me. To read your comments and know that you're out there is really nice.

I started blogging when we moved out to Portland and although my blog has changed a bit since then, it's still mostly just the things of our days. And there are plenty of days when I feel very domestic and not all that interesting. Not that what I'm doing isn't super important, but you know, it can feel very.... regular. I don't have an amazing food blog, I don't post the most amazing pictures all the time, I don't go on crazy trips and write about those adventures, I don't make Martha Stewart-esque crafts. There are many wonderful and interesting things to look at on the web. 

I blog mostly because it makes me write. I love writing, don't get enough of it (especially these days), feel compelled to do it in some form or another. Someday, maybe something a bit more substantial or widely read will come out of me. I think I would like that. But for now, it means a lot to me that there are some people out there in the world who hear my thoughts, joining me in the documentation of our days. As Annie Dillard once said, "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."

Thank you.  

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