Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween.... and the following haircut

Our Halloween evening was fun and full of candy! We met up with a bunch of the neighbours first and then headed out with some neighbour friends with a kid Jacob's age. It's always so fun and cute to watch little kids go around trick-or-treating in their costumes!

Here are some pictures that pretty much sum it up. 

The Pumpkin Hair Ghost!!!

So, the day after... haircut time! I must admit that I even had gotten a bit attached to those golden curls. But always having them in his eyes and being brushed to the side was not pleasant. I will say I was pretty proud of him for his creativity with his costume and his dedication to it, growing his hair out for months. 

I combed his hair out first. Shockingly long when it's straight(er).

 After I got it wet and combed it out, ready for the cut, he said, "This is what I wanted to look like!" I totally should have thought to comb it out like this, too.

I took the first cut right across the bangs and exclaimed, "Oh, there are your eyes!" Many curls later....

He definitely looks different! I'm.... adjusting. We'll see how it turns out after it's been washed and slept on and has it's curliness back. I must say, I like it a little longer than this. But thankfully, the boy is good looking either way.

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