Sunday, September 1, 2013

things we've been up to

September... this has felt like the longest summer ever and personally, I'm ready for some cooler weather and a little settling in. Two months after moving, we are almost in our own house. September 11th is our move in date. Even though it's going to be a whole other thing to deal with unpacking, I am just ready to be in our own space, with our own things and to actually be able to feel like we're going to be here for awhile. And being five months pregnant and all probably has something to do with the fact that I'm ready to settle in.

We have been staying with some wonderful people, though; the family I used to nanny actually. The boys, who were six months old when I started working for them, are now about to turn 11. Eleven! Jacob loves them and they love Jacob, and we've been having some nice times together. It's been fun to get to know them again after being gone for awhile. I know all the boys will be a bit sad when we go to live in our "real" house.

I have also been able to borrow the nice camera that exists at this house! So... here are some better-than-phone pics for you.

At the Butterfly Pavillion

Jacob and Trayton

Trayton, Jacob, me and Dylan
Ferruginous hawk eating something bloody
On a hike/bike

Tired out.... and licking his bike...

Jacob and Luna hanging out
 Meanwhile, the baby is moving around a lot inside the womb, and that is a fun feeling. I always liked that when I felt it with Jacob. It's just such a cool feeling to really feel something inside my body moving around. The other night I was laying next to Jacob for a moment, watching him sleep, and I felt the baby move. It was neat to feel like I was really with both my kids at that moment.

And.... Jacob starts school on Tuesday!! I think he's excited. I am excited for him. I am also a little sad and amazed that we are still this far along on our parenting journey with him. I'll be sure to (attempt) to take pictures that day, but we'll see if we get any good ones. 

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  1. GREAT pictures, Jill! The twins are so grown up! I know it's been fun for all staying there a month.

    I'd love to have the pic of Jacob that's close up by the fence. I need to frame that. ; ))

    Love you.