Wednesday, November 5, 2014

something lighter...

Thank you to all of you who read my last post and responded. I had some nice phone calls and lovely responses, and I appreciate all of them. It always helps to know that you're in someone's thoughts (in a positive way).

I'm taking you to the lighter side of things this time. I've been paparazzing my baby because I've been pondering sending some pictures in to a modeling agency or something. Not sure if I'll actually do it or if anything will come of it, but... well, regardless, it's very fun to photograph him. There are also Jacob pictures because, really, he's beautiful too.

Photography is something that has come into my life as a means of finding beauty and (sometimes) pleasure in my days that can (occasionally) tend toward drudgery. When I question what it's all about or why I'm doing this instead of something else, I take out my camera. It helps. It shows me a world of details that is beautiful, common, wonderful, interesting and full of life. Sometimes I need that reminder.

There are a lot of pictures here. Enjoy what you will. I definitely do. 

Looked like he was doing "the worm" through the leaves.

Just like his mama... a thumb sucker through and through

random aspen...

I'm always trying to capture the light in his beautiful blue eyes.

What's all that?

Aww.... what a love

His face when he spotted Daddy in the window

Ahh... joy. It is here in the every day. Truly.

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  1. That's is correct. There is joy in every day. Beautiful little boys!