Tuesday, September 3, 2013

our first day of school

I think I'm getting better at this whole "letting go" thing. Even though there is a definite bittersweet quality to Jacob starting his first day at Pre-K, I was more excited for him than sad for myself. I think this is definite progress on my part. 

The only way I could get a decent picture of him on his first day of school was to have him pose with Luna, the dog. He'd do anything as long as it was with her.

Jacob was a little nervous to go, but after about ten minutes, we found him a ball track, and he was good from there. The school also transitions the kids really well, the first few days of school starting shorter and getting longer.

So, I left him in the classroom and went to hang out with the director and some other moms. I'm very excited to meet new people and hope to find some more good friends for Fraser and myself as well as ones for Jacob. I'm jumping right in and have volunteered to be a co class rep. 

When I went to get Jacob after the hour-long day, he said, "That was very fun." He also said, "I want my days to be longer than that." Good news is, they will be. A good start for all of us!  

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