Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines, Legos and skiing.... oh my!

In the midst of being very concerned about going to school (Jacob, not me), only wanting to "stay with you all day, Mommy, and snuggle", it has been a challenging week or so. As flattering as it is to have my wonderful child want to be near me constantly, it also makes it rather difficult to do simple things like cook dinner, run upstairs for a pair of socks before leaving the house or go to the bathroom (because sometimes it's not fun to have someone inches from your face while you poop or... other). 

We have managed some good distractions, though, for both of us. Daddy brought home a new Lego set one night. Jacob couldn't stop his high praises: "I love doing Legos with you, Daddy", "Thank you so much for getting these for me, Daddy", "This is really fun". Whew! Thank goodness. Because as hard as it is to constantly have a shadow some times, it's even harder when there is someone else around and I still have the shadow. Hard for both of us in different ways. 

I had some fantastic fun Tuesday night with the "sporty mama" sect of our moms' group. We headed to the mountain for our annual ladies' night outing! Oh. My. Goodness...... Fun. First, relief at being out of the house. Second, great to be with the gals. And, for sure, super awesome to get on the slopes. 

It was a fairly warm evening on the mountain, and we were skiing in the clouds for some of the night, making it a very wet night. But the mountain was practically empty and the snow was great! The legs held in just fine, too, even with all the tele turns going on. So, so, SO wonderful to have good friends to ski with!! It's much harder going skiing here with the distance and the boy, so these nights are such bliss. 

And holidays that involve sweets..... they are... a mother's nightmare. I love sweets as much as the next person, namely dark chocolate and baked goods. I do not like having to constantly answer my child's questions of "can I have a sweet", "can I have a cookie", "when can I have another sweet" all day!! For several days leading up to and away from these holidays. Sigh. Not to mention the fact that it's also hard for me to not eat these treats as well. Oh, balance... it's there somewhere. The trick is to share what you can by having a party.

So, we're hanging in there. And after school starts next week and we go through some of that initial transition, I'm hopeful that Jacob's fears will be assuaged and he will realize that life away from mom is not as horrible as he currently must be imagining it. Then we'll be on to other things... 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!



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