Thursday, February 7, 2013

one drug at a time...

Shopping spree today? I wish. I did spend a lot of money (more than one month's rent), but I didn't get to choose what I actually got and unfortunately, none of it will look that good on. Alas. I did feel a bit overwhelmed (again) standing at the counter watching the pharmacist get everything together for me. For someone who has gotten things at the pharmacy probably less than 2o times in my life, this is a lot of drugs.

Yes, I even get my own sharps container!
 As I felt a bit of panic tightening my chest, I had to tell myself to take a deep breath. These all come in steps, I have a calendar telling me what to take and when. There are nurses and doctors who will be telling me when to take things. Even the pharmacist gives out his cell so we can contact him after hours with questions. So... it will be fine. Just like anything with many parts to it (emotional and literal), it feels like a lot at first. But we are adaptable creatures. By the end of all these shots, I'll be an old pro. 

For now, my drug regiment is pretty simple yet: birth control, baby aspirin and an antibiotic. So, maybe it's not one drug at a time, but it will be one step, one day at a time. Taking big things in small steps is helpful to keep in mind.


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