Monday, February 25, 2013

a day to.... myself?

Mark your calendars. In four years, three months, and ten days this is the first day I have spent in my house, alone, all day. I am not joking. This may sound crazy or impossible to some of you. Indeed, it sounds a bit crazy to me. But it is true.

I barely know what to do with myself. Do I stuff my face with foods that I can't eat in front of Jacob: chocolate, cookies, ice cream? Do I race around like a maniac trying to organize things in a timely fashion instead of the process taking three days to accomplish? Do I sit and stare at the walls, take a bath, meditate all day, polish my toenails, read a book??!!! 

I decided on a combination of those things: eating a neighbour's amazing homemade granola bars, finish vacuuming and mopping the upstairs, rearranging books on the bookshelves, sewing some of Jacob's quilt, meditating and now, writing about all of it. Oh, and I went to yoga. 

It has been great. I love my family beyond words. But when Jacob is around, I cannot think straight much less get many things accomplished. And as much as I am all about giving my attention to my child, I do have to do some grownup things or I go CRAZY!!!! We all know that's not pretty. It feels amazing to be with only my thoughts... all.... day..... long. I've also noticed that the time goes by much faster this way... 

Sumo mandarins - yes they look funny but taste great!

Quilt top - we'll see how long before it gets another layer...


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