Monday, February 25, 2013

feel those ovaries

As much of a process as it has been getting to this point, I'm finally here, sticking myself with needles. Three pills, two shots and one calendar to keep it all straight. There are check boxes next to each drug I take so I don't forget anything. Better than a pill box, I tell you.

Now, I have no fear of needles. Which is good because I've already had to have my blood drawn so many times I think I could do that myself... except for the awkward angle. However, sticking oneself is a little different, as any diabetic can tell you, I'm sure. 

The first shot of the day needs mixing which was intimidating at first, but after a couple times, it's pretty easy. And the medicine comes in the most adorable little bottles. I keep thinking what else they could be used for, but then I remind myself that that is the Depression mentality I have sometimes that trickles down from my mother and her mother and does occasionally come in handy but in these circumstances... well, I have to stop myself, fondle the bottle once more and then trash it. There is nothing else to do with them.

Good news - this is just the mixing needle!
So much better, right?

Now, the second shot of the day is easier. Just turn a dial, stick it in and done. Also, it comes in a neat little case that could (almost) be mistaken for a handbag.

Just going out on the town...
After two and a half days of this regimen:

- I've learned that the first shot stings

- the pen shot is easy
- my stomach feels bruised
- I love those little bottles!
- my emotions are on a roller coaster
- I'm pretty sure I can feel something happening to my ovaries, which is good because that's what is supposed to happen with these drugs

Lots of check ins with the doc over the next week, making sure I'm getting the right amount of drugs and that my ovaries are responding properly. All the follicles in my ovaries are supposed to be making eggs this cycle, instead of just one of them doing so. Let's cheer for those little cells - C'mon eggs! In approximately one week, they should be ready for harvesting. 

I know I have lots of good energy coming at me from lots of good folks. I want you to know I appreciate it. Keep it up and I will too.



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