Thursday, August 9, 2012

August's dilemna

Well, the problem is just that I can't decide what I'd like my August goal to be. 

There are two topics that I'd like to improve in my life: organization (always) and food. At first I thought August was going to be a food month. But now, I'm not so sure. There are all sorts of places within my home that I'd like to put in some sort of more functional order. 

Of course, these are both huge things to tackle and so far, I've been waffling for the past 9 days, doing a little bit of organizing and getting  several cooking books out of the library. So, really, I need to choose one and go with it. I guess I did give organizing it's own month back in May (I think) and even though it really focused mostly on the garage, it was something. Meanwhile food hasn't had a chance yet.

Alright... food it is, then. I might sneak in some organizing here and there because a) that's life and b) I'm like that. But I have been wanting to focus on food for awhile now. I don't mean to go super crazy, I suppose. I have some goals for the month:

:: organize (there it is again!) my recipes and cookbook shelf

:: work on planning weekly meals (each week)

:: have a list (or easily-accessed area) of go-to, reliable, everyone-likes-these-and-they're-easy recipes

:: learn to make some easy things on a regular basis: salad dressing, pizza dough, aioli, etc.

:: try some different, fun things, including canning my own tuna (I hope!) and a better homemade sorbet (thanks, Cook's Illustrated)

If I'm feeling ambitious (or just really frustrated at my current set-up), I would love to better organize (I know, I know...) my spices. The pantry will get on the list someday, but it's really the spices that start to drive me crazy. We'll see, though. I think my list is pretty ambitious as it is. 

Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted....

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  1. This is so funny because just five minutes ago I finished organizing my spices! I love the glass jars from Penzeys and I keep extra spices in my freezer, but everything was running low, and we'd just moved so things were a mess! I decided for me that spices on my spice rack are sorted according to flavor family (Indian, Mexican, Italian), and in the freezer they are alphabetical.
    Also, did you know about this Portland organizing guru: A friend told me about her and I was inspired. Could just compete with cooking for August's thing to do!