Monday, August 13, 2012

spending our days

Friends, I'm just going to tell you now... food and organizing are going to be going on for awhile. This month feels half spent, the organizing refuses to stop and yet, the cooking continues as well. That's just how it's going to be. 

I will take you through the weekend on a picture journey. 

Hiding places:

Organizing (the filing cabinet) - at least I had help on this one:
The first dish is pad see ew - a Thai dish, recipe from Cook's Illustrated. Fraser and his Thai-loving taste buds were not impressed with the authenticity of flavour, but it was still a tasty dish in my opinion. 
I also managed to make some pesto and apricot jam. The jam was mainly for the apricot blackberry tart we worked on this weekend. I actually have yet to bake it (it's in the freezer), but it's ready to go. 
Fraser also made a meatloaf dish from Cook's Illustrated that was superb. It took him four hours, so I'm not sure how likely it is that this recipe will make it to the go-to weekly meal section, but.... I would repeat it. On a weekend.

And.... entertainment, for lack of a better word. We went to Costco today and I came up this book, Wreck This Journal. It is great. Here's why: the pages encourage you to do things you (read: especially Type A, control-loving people like me) would not normally do. For example,

See? There are lots of great ones in there: take this book in the shower with you; chew this page; tie a string to this journal, take it for a walk and drag it behind you; float this page. !!
As I was reading through parts of this at Costco, Jacob thought it was hilarious and I thought, I could use some lightening up. Even though it makes me feel totally uncomfortable doing things the "wrong" way, writing in a book, breaking the spine of it (one of the page's directions), I think it's good to have some perspective, relax a little and be uncomfortable. The author, Keri Smith (also the author of How To Be An Explorer of the World , which I also thoroughly enjoyed), says, "to create is to destroy" and uses the phrase "creative destruction". Different for me, but we're going with it.

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