Thursday, May 10, 2012


Firstly, I can now proudly announce that I am finished with the jammies I started... oh, awhile ago. The shirt came together much faster than I thought it would. The piping on it looks excellent. And minus a few slightly bumpy parts that no one but me will notice, I'm pretty darn happy with it. I hope Jacob is, too.
 That project was last night. Today, I took a deep breath and just started. On. The. Garage. I did. I swept it all out and decided to just start in one little section. A section that can be easily dealt with and put away, not something that will totally freak me out and leave with me a disaster-for-a-garage for months. 
 This picture actually makes it look pretty neat as is, before I took it all apart. And it does look so much better than many garages I have seen in my lifetime. Still, it needs work. 
 And so the piles begin: recycling, give/sell away, go through.... I did go through two of the boxes. The ones that seemed easiest. Books and games. I found some good things, too.

 Oh, yes, that is Perfection with ALL the pieces, even after 20 years of.. being around. That's what can be when you have an anal mom (thanks, Mom!). 
I also came upon our honeymoon album (aaah... Southeast Asia...) and some good books for Jacob: a few appropriate Berenstein Bears books and one of our all-time favourites - Pickle, Pickle, Pickle Juice. A very simple book but much loved.
 After I'd had enough Garage, I decided to put the new-found things away, which kind of meant organizing the game cupboard. It still had lots of our movies in it from when we actually had a TV downstairs. So, I pulled all those out and put the games in instead. Much better!
The day wouldn't be complete, though, without finding at least one "what the-?!" object. 
The part that really made this the "what the -?!" object is the fact that I found it in the movie/game cupboard... where Jacob goes all the time. Riiight. I've never seen it and thankfully, neither has he apparently. Good thing he never ventured to the far back corners. 
Fraser has no recollection of seeing it either, which makes it a little creepy only because we've had this cupboard for four years now and have been using it and have never seen this. It was made in Japan and was probably taken by Fraser's granddad during the war.

My mother has a similar "Third Reich dagger", as we refer to it, that she uses as a letter opener. Ah, history.

Well, not too shabby for having almost no motivation as of yesterday.

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