Monday, May 14, 2012

a perfect day

Yesterday was a wonderfully perfect day. Both my boys treated me very well for Mother's Day. 

While Jacob and I cuddled, Fraser was busy downstairs. He called us to breakfast: homemade eggs Benedict and mimosas. Dee-liscious!

They presented me with a gift card to go get a pedicure - a treat I have a hard time just doing for myself. Then we headed to the park, because it was another gorgeous day.

Jacob and I played a little frisbee while Fraser, again, headed in for some mystery-meal prep. I could smell the garlic outside. When we got in, there was some amazing fresh, farmer's market halibut in a caper, wine, garlic sauce. Fresh asparagus on the side with more hollandaise sauce. Wow. Decadent, fresh, luscious. Halibut is such a palette-pleasing fish it's hard to go wrong, especially here near the Coast. 

I'm pretty much feeling like royalty at this point, being cooked delicious foods for every meal of the day. After some napping and a little garage time (yes, even yesterday I was working on my goal, with Fraser's help on what to keep and what to chuck, it went well), the boys worked on a little afternoon treat - chocolate-covered strawberries. That was the one thing I said I wanted for the day. Jacob had been waiting for this moment since about Friday, I think.
Then, Fraser really got serious. I had seen some cherry preserves in the cupboard after his trip to the grocery store, and I had a guess as to what he might be making for dinner. Cherry-glazed, pan-seared lamb chops . Pretty much heaven for your mouth. We discovered this recipe five years ago, and I think it is still my favourite recipe of all time. The lamb is tender and tasty, the cherries sweet but a little bit tart. Oh, wow. Amazing. 
Fraser really put his all into "my" day. And as the day went on, I made sure to thank them, also, for how wonderful they are. Without both of them, I wouldn't be the mother that I am. It's not a solo journey. I have it really well in so many ways. Jacob makes me so happy to be his mom. And so Mother's Day is also a family celebration because they come together.

We played some frisbee all together as the evening came on. The heat of the day slowly easing up, the cool smells of the evening coming on. Such joy watching Jacob run around in a shirt and diaper, throwing the frisbee to each of us. 

Fraser put Jacob to bed, and I sat out on my deck enjoying the last of the sun as it set. The Western sides of all the trees lit up in the gilt-edged light of evening, the breeze cooling down. I just sat and and soaked it all in. The light, the smells, the big sky over me and the few wisps of clouds in it, the sounds of Jacob and Fraser talking upstairs. Perfect. I felt content. At that present moment, all was right in my world.

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  1. You have some pretty cool "boys." Glad you felt celebrated!

    Love you.