Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend fun

This past weekend was a full one for us. Besides figuring out the whole refrigerator situation, we fit in tons of fun. 

How to get Jacob to take a nap during a basketball game

Just like a Portlander, waiting for the train

 On Saturday, we took the train downtown to see a Harlem Globetrotters game, courtesy of Fraser's employer. Definitely entertaining. They had some pretty cool moves, including some wicked break-dancing. Jacob managed to take a short nap during the game which happened to be right in the middle of his nap time. I think he gets that ability to sleep anywhere from his father. We walked around town a bit after ended up at a little Japanese restaurant for some sushi. A different kind of day for us which was nice.

 On Sunday, we had the wonderful pleasure of a mini-visit with Aunt Katie! She was in town from Georgia on business, so we headed down to meet her. We played some pool ("I was just so amazed they had pool. That is my favourite" -Jacob), went for a swim in the (other) pool, and had some dinner ("I want pancakes!"). It was super short but super sweet. It's always nice to see family and a friendly, loving face. And the weather was actually very nice for her two-day trip (yesterday, sun all day!!), so I don't think she believes us that the weather here gets bad. Maybe it's better that way.. she'll keep coming to visit!

Good times. Always too short, that time with all of us together, but well spent this weekend.

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