Tuesday, February 7, 2012

potty "trained" and other updates

Well, friends, we are on day two and a half of Jacob wearing no diapers! I know potty training is for some people. Actually training their child to go to the bathroom. Sometimes this works well, sometimes not. I, on the other hand, am just lazy. I'll be the first to admit that I had absolutely no desire to train Jacob to do anything. When asked about the topic, I would tell people that when he took his diaper off and said that was it, that was when the "potty training" would begin and end. Raising my stress level by constantly asking about going to the bathroom, having numerous accidents, having to know where every single public restroom is when out and about.. yeah, no thanks. So I was perfectly happy to wait as long as it took. Changing diapers doesn't bother me.

It started on Sunday. We were headed out for a while and Jacob told me he didn't want his diaper on. He's done this occasionally. I brought a backup pair of pants. Everything went well. Monday comes and as I get him dressed, I ask if he just wants to be in pants again. Yes, he says. Great. We went to the gym, to the library and to the grocery store. All fine. Nap time. He didn't want a diaper on. Fine. I figured it would just mean doing laundry if he peed while sleeping. Nothing. He went all day. I was very proud of him and excited for him. It is only day two today, but I'm not going to voluntarily put another diaper on him (except for night time).

It's interesting because I don't feel that I've made a big hoopla over it. No huge shouts and exclamations of excitement and joy. I kind of feel like it's more of a right of passage. Something that signals his growing and maturing but something that is also completely natural and that he chose. And I am happy for him for that.

 The boys got into some mando playing the other night while I was out. Good times.

 For my first real "just do it" project, I picked making a shirt for Jacob. "Easy Linen Shirt". I guess so, if you've made shirts before. Starting this project made me realize that I've never actually used a pattern before. I have definitely hit a few snafoos, used my seam ripper and had moments of befuddlement. But, I've been keeping at it, learning how to use a pattern, sleeves on a shirt and how to do a French seam. I haven't gotten to the collar yet, but soon. It may not turn out exactly like the picture but, it does look like a shirt, which is something. And I'll have actually made a shirt after this. From here, 
it has to get easier, eh?

And science experiments have been fairly regular in our house these days. We got out My Big Science Book  out of the library and have been having fun picking out different things to do. It's a very accessible book; simple and fun experiments with lots of household items. This one above uses water, oil and salt. Neat. My youngest scientist enjoys just going through the book and having each experiment explained to him. What joy in discovering the world - for him and me!

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  1. I love this blog and that I can share moments in your life like this. So happy to hear that Jacob has moved into another phase, mastering yet another rite of passage! I love the shirt...beautiful! And I love that you guys are doing science experiments! We got Emma the Magic School Bus Science Kit from Scholastic for Christmas and it is fantastic. I miss you!

    Love Jenny