Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Easy" Linen Shirt

The shirt is done! 

What I learned from sewing this shirt:

- I am a novice at sewing clothes 
- Making a shirt is more complicated than a quilt
- Still, I can sew a shirt!
- Don't give up before the collar
- Pick a fabric you love because you have lots of time to handle it and wish you'd picked the more expensive one
- Pick a big enough size for your kid that he'll be able to wear it for awhile
- What a topstitch, edgestitch and understitch are (although I think some are pretty similar)
- That we can still all eat dinner at our table while a sewing project is going on (or rather, ongoing)
- I have an inclination to stop when the going gets tough (which I totally did not fully recognize before this project and the aforementioned collar). This is probably one of my reasons for procrastination.
- Again, that I can sew a shirt!

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