Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One Beautiful Thing

This entry, "One Beautiful Thing" is an idea from a friend of mine. She said to me once that it was her goal to try and create one beautiful thing a day. It could be anything from a craft project to a conversation with her daughter. I like it because it's not too large of a goal but something that helps me to be mindful throughout the day.

Today several of us moms got together at the Japanese Gardens with the children. Not the most peaceful zen experience at the gardens, for sure, but very enjoyable nonetheless. We mothers must oftentimes find zen experiences in chaos. The kids were most hilarious to watch; one would head off on a path and the rest would follow as if pulled by an invisible force. Off one way, then another. At times it was all we could do to keep up, each of us calling to our children to stop or wait or make sure they could see us only to finally catch up with them and give them a stern reminder to stay with the grownups. They were in their own little world of adventure and fun. 

Between chase episodes and reprimands, we moms got to catch up a little and take in some of the beauty of the park. The Japanese maples were in different shades of red, some brilliant and bright, others darker and more subdued. The morning fog and chill eventually began to burn off, letting streaks of sunlight land upon the bright green moss of the forest floor. We had to listen quickly to the trickling rivers and falls, storing them away for reflection at another time, as we made a beeline for the koi ponds. But here we were, taking a break from the regular necessities of household life to wander in nature, whether fast or slow, and soaking up some of the quiet beauty and wisdom of the forest. Sharing time and space with each other, letting our children delight in this world. 

At this time last year, we were also in this forest but it was me, Jacob and Fraser's parents who were helping us settle into our new space. The past year has brought us such a wonderful group of supportive and fun friends. That is a beautiful thing.

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