Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the goal of May

Here it is: organization. It's really just in my nature to like things organized and in order. I can fight it at times or for a period of time. But I always hit a point when I cannot stand the scattering of toys, piles of mail, unfolded laundry, jacket pile-up, toilet paper tube collection craziness! Seriously, friends, it's just not my way.

So, this month, the goal is to organize some areas in need as well as clear out what we're not using. This means the garage. We've lived here for a year and a half, storing some of our things in the thought/hope that we would be moving at some point in the near future. Not only is that not on the near horizon, there are several things packed away that I wish weren't. If we're going to live here, I'd like to take out the stuff I'd like to be enjoying. And if we come upon things that we really haven't missed (rice cooker), then we'll pass it on to someone else who will get more use out of it. I come from a long line of savers, but I really don't want things around that I am not using, don't see myself using, are taking up space that could be better used, or don't really enjoy.  

Of course, in my head, I see a much-improved space and lots of things heading out. What I'm afraid will happen is what usually does: the "oh, this is still good" voice comes into my head (thanks, Mom) and I end up saving way too many things (like skirts I've had since college but haven't worn once! no joke or the wooden doll bunk beds that have needed repair since I was the one playing with them). I think Fraser and I should come up with some questions, then, to ask ourselves when we hit something like this, something we've been hanging onto for a long time but don't use. That way we might have a bit more objectiveness about it. 

And organization. Here are some places I'd like to work on: craft drawers, office/tv room, bookshelf in bedroom, secretary, kitchen cupboards (ugh), pantry (double ugh), laundry room, cookbooks and recipes.

Hmmm.... it looks like I'd better stop blogging and get organizing!!

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  1. It sounds like you need a good friend to stand over your shoulder & help cull. Julia and I have helped each other move many times and no one else can help clear clutter so quickly!