Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Growing while grounding

I went to yoga this morning and the practice was centered around the duality of grounding ourselves while really stretching upwards and outwards within the poses. I focused on the physical aspects of that but couldn't help pondering the more metaphorical aspects as well. 

Striving for new learnings and growth while remaining rooted in the values I hold close inside can be a real challenge. My foundation within is extremely important to me and is used as a starting point oftentimes when I search out new things. I trust that inner part and try to go where it leads me. Sometimes, there are things taken into our roots that need to be filtered out and questioned; why are they there, do I really want to own that? Hopefully, with continual work, our roots take us closer to our path in life. 

New experiences can be challenging, in yoga and in life. Embracing some of the discomfort, breathing deeply, and going further into a new place can lead to wonderful things. But only with that solid foundation that we have cultivated every step of the way. We must go inward before we can go outward in any meaningful and helpful way.

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  1. This posting is close to my heart and I could not agree more. One of my favorite asanas is Utkatasana, the chair pose. Even though it seems like we are being pushed down, we are reaching ever upward, secure in our roots and always growing. You are young to be so wise, grasshopper.