Friday, April 29, 2016

the sex talk (round 2)

Some of you may recall that I have actually told Jacob about how babies are made. I can't find the post for it right away, but a couple years ago he finally asked for information beyond "the sperm and the egg come together to make a person" and so I told him what happened. 

Well, in one ear, out the other... as these types of intangible conversations go with little ones. It came up again this morning, though.

We were in the car and were talking about ages and it came up that I'd had him when I was 28. Here is what followed:

Jacob: How could you have a baby when you're 28?
Me/om: Well.... Daddy and I had sex, the sperm joined with an egg, the baby grew and I pushed it out my vagina. That's how.
J: (pause) 
M: Does that seem young to have a baby?
J: Yeah
M: As soon as a girl has her period, she can get pregnant and have a baby. I got my period at 13. And you're right, that's still really young. You're still a child then.
J: So people have babies when they're that young.
M: They do sometimes. And it's hard to have a baby to take care of when you're still a child and need to be taken care of. Bringing a person into the world is a big deal and if someone is having sex there's a chance she could get pregnant.
J: What's sex?
M: That's when the penis goes into the vagina, the guy ejaculates which makes the sperm get up to the egg where they combine to make a baby.
J: What's a sperm?
M: It's a little thing that looks like a tadpole and it has half the information in it to make a person. The egg has the other half so when they combine, you get a whole person.

And that was that. I'm sure we'll have more talks about it in the future but the foundation has been laid. Just to let you know... it really wasn't weird. You all know me as a fairly straightforward person most of the time, but truly, kids have none of those preconceived ideas or weirdnesses that we grown-ups have around their sexual parts. It's all what YOU say it is: if you make it weird, it'll be weird; if you make it normal, it'll be normal. 

So do the world a favour and tell them what it really is. Not some story. Not some weird tickle or a hug. Because it's not. And when the time comes for them to make a decision about having sex or not, they should know the facts and what the repercussions could be.

Feel free to use the above script ;)

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