Thursday, April 14, 2016

a big deal

I am actually writing this post from the Signature Towers of the MGM Grand. Say what?!!!

Oh yeah, people. I am at a business conference for my business with Arbonne! I signed up back in January, back when I didn't know as much about the business, back when I didn't have as much money, back when April seemed a long way off. 

I was scared off my butt to sign up, to put money into myself and my business - to put belief into myself and what I could accomplish. But I did it. And here I am.

I had not been on an airplane by myself for over 7 1/2 years before this trip.
I have never been to a conference for work before this trip.
I have not put such an investment into myself or what I can accomplish.

My business is growing. I'm headed to the top of this company. I am empowered and full of possibility. I am so very proud of myself for doing this for me and my family and my LIFE! 

Hello, world - here I am!!

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