Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the seen and the unseen

We are down in Georgia, experiencing the lovely hospitality of the South. Yesterday, I was able to head out on my own (always a lovely and novel experience these days) and check out the Amicalola Falls. Powerful, stunning, beautiful, captivating... you know, all the things that waterfalls are just by their nature. Gravity is such a taken-for-granted force and water such a versatile element; the combination of them on a large scale is always magnificent to me.

 The forest held so many smells, made heavy and saturated by the humidity; wet rock, freshly cut lumber for a fence, sweet decaying leaves and green ferns. The constant background sounds of buzzing insects, chirruping birds, occasional drops of rain on the leaves above. So much to take in, to be a part of, to appreciate in this world. 

It's very easy to focus on the big things that we see easily: the crashing waterfalls, the huge oaks and maples towering over us, the vista of forest before us at the top of the mountain. 
As in our lives, it's easy to see what is right before us, up front and on display.

 And there is so much more that oftentimes goes unseen, in nature as well as within our lives. If we are open to looking and listening, there are worlds to explore, to be part of, to move us. 

Go ahead: look a little closer, listen a little deeper. What will you discover today?


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