Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Georgia on my mind....

Getting ready to head out of Georgia and back up to Michigan for a bit... I just have been looking through my photos and have a bunch I really want to share.

Our time here with family has been really lovely and supportive. The humidity has been crazy (definitely not used to that), the pools necessary and fun and the peaches... delightful. 

These are pics from an evening photo shoot with me, Jacob and a (nice) borrowed camera:

 Then we get to rewind in time to the 4th:

lighting leaves on fire.... more fun than sparklers

popping some pop-its

Benjamin was more interested in pistachio shells than fireworks
 Fun in (one of) the pool(s)!!

Some pics with the cousins... can you tell how excited they are?

 And just some random fun down South:

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