Tuesday, July 14, 2015

bedtime shmedtime

Routines and kids go together very nicely most of the time. And then there are times in life when you have to throw those out for the moments of joy that will live on in the memory for years to come.

The beach was windy today, the waves were rolling in fast and loud. It was Jacob's bedtime but instead of heading in for the night, my sister and I took him out to walk the shore a ways. 

The beauty of the world is around us so constantly that we take it for granted and yet, there are times when it comes at us more fiercely, forcing us to take notice. Times when we are open to receiving it; letting it pour over us and fill us with joy. As we grow older, we have to remember to look for that. As children, it is like a friend who we trust to be there. 

 I rolled up Jacob's pants but as he splashed in the waves and got them wet, he turned to me and said, "I don't care about my pants getting wet. I only care about having fun!" 

This is why I have children. To remind me of the truths in life. That joy is far more important than silly little details.

I look for the beauty. Sometimes it comes in odd forms, but it surrounds me still like an old friend, there for the company whenever I should need it.

Show me that face full of joy, my boy, and I will show you mine. 

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