Thursday, May 14, 2015

the spoonful of sugar

Jacob's room has the tendency to fall into complete and utter disaster. I love that he's creative and takes junk in order to make crazy contraptions or marble tracks or other strange feats of engineering. I love that he likes to go in there, turn on an audiobook (Fantastic Mr. Fox is the favourite these days) and do Perler beads for ages. And maybe someday he'll win the Nobel prize for something and in his thank you speech, he'll say, "I just want to acknowledge my mom for allowing me to have a dozen half-finished projects spread across my room at any given time." 

But for my own sanity (as well as to teach him something of picking up what he does start), the room sometimes have to be cleaned. I had the lovely idea this last time to try and see it (or parts of it) as opportunities to find art. I brought my camera in and even though the process was still a bit tedious at times, there was a bit more fun in it for me this time.

The floor from above.... ahem

Upon closer inspection

Still closer....

He did all the cutting on this guy!!

 And next time, he'll be doing it on his own.

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