Sunday, April 19, 2015

up to my eyeballs

Folks, this whole "getting ready to leave the country" stuff is pretty crazy. The day's list always feels full. And then, regular life must go on as well. Things are getting done, though, which is very exciting! The plan is becoming more and more real every day.

Here are some highlights from our days:

:: A visit from Mimi! Always wonderful and so very helpful at this time. Much packing and playing were done as well as some baby-devouring, boy watching and lots of laundry. 

Jacob watching Coach Fraser

Nothing like laying on some Lincoln logs

:: Mega garage sale!! At first, it's very intimidating to go through your stuff (especially the wads and wads of it that we have been collecting for years). But once we started, it felt great to sell things that were just taking up space for us and that others could really use. We made more space for ourselves and some money to boot!

:: Jacob had his first school music and art show. The pride and joy that filled my whole body watching him on stage was overwhelming. He had a little solo ("Yes, I brought the eggs.") which was great. And his art is pretty fantastic, too (although, I am his mother so I have to think that). They were working on characters from Where the Wild Things Are, and no, he did not want his picture taken at the end.

:: Benjamantics are at all-time high. As you could see from the garden pictures, the kid is obsessed with everything dirty, wet or off-limits. He loves climbing, eating, screaming, laughing, playing with Jacob, being outside, being a ham and being cute. Well, I don't know that he loves that last one, but he sure does it well. He keeps things interesting around here, that's for sure.

He likes climbing in boxes and sitting on hard things.

What? My foot's where?
:: We've also been packing, packing, packing, hanging out with friends, gathering info about South America, buying our tickets to Ecuador (!!!), dealing with the details of leaving soon and working on a new website/blog!

The new site is called Life As Lived. I do have the domain but there isn't much there yet. We are learning and figuring out all that stuff that is new to us. Soon, though, there will be something to look at and then I want you to tell all your friends to look at it, read it, follow it!

:: And I've been back behind the lens here and there trying to determine which camera to bring! Such a dilemma! The big one is... well, big and more of an investment and it also takes better pictures. So... I'm working with our point-and-shoot to see how well I can get it to work. It's a work in progress...

Jacob's bread-making track

And with the old reliable....

Stay tuned! Even though the updates are a little slower these days, I'm still working on it!

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  1. You didn't sell the playhouse table and chairs and the pop-pop, did you?