Sunday, November 30, 2014

grey day....

 "Gray day... everything is gray. I watch. But nothing moves today."  -Dr. Seuss

It's true, that sometimes the day is grey... outside and in. Especially the day after a lovely vacation when all your relatives are around and even though it can be a bit crazy at times, really, it's just fun to have such love and good times and escape from reality. So... what's a girl to do? Go out and take pictures, of course.

Growing up in Michigan, we had the grey season from November through March so these rare grey days in Colorado hold a bit of nostalgia for me. They make me remember going out to the nature parks with my dad and grandma or with my siblings: trying to spot the well-hidden deer in the forest; tree-tipping; feeding chickadees and nuthatches and sparrows from our hands. Just going out into nature made me feel more relaxed, more aware of what really mattered in life. 

As a grown-up (ugh), I tend to get a bit swamped down by all the responsibilities and realities that come with this job. And sometimes, I feel a bit grey on the inside. That's when it's most important to look. Look at anything, but truly look at it. See the world and what beauty it always has to offer, no matter how grey it seems. 

I'm always pleasantly surprised by what I find.


 The beauty I find outside makes me remember that I also contain more than can be discerned by a simple glance. When I look within, I can find the beauty, the strength, the desire to live fully. Even on my grey days, I hold so much wonder within myself. It is easy to doubt that or forget, to be lulled into complacency by the monotony of regularity. But nothing in this life is regular. Everything, even the tiniest flower, has intricacy and depth and power. We only have to want to look.... and to see. 

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