Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mama's Day

This week has been a lovely one... celebrating my birthday on Wednesday and Mother's Day today. I must say, this birthday snuck up on me, what with having an infant and all. There's a lot more to focus on than just me. 

There was a Mother's Day party at Jacob's school on my birthday. Jacob was so very excited and proud of all their preparations. And it was super sweet... handmade treasures from the kids, crafts to do together. Fraser was able to come home and take care of Benjamin so I could have time with just Jacob, which was very nice indeed.

Fraser and I were able to go out on a date on my birthday (thanks to my friend Lauren who watched the kids!). That was a lovely treat. 

Last night, Fraser told me to just go take a bath and relax while he dealt with the kids. Oooh.... that was nice. I put in a bath bomb (shhh... don't tell Jacob) and lit some candles and (almost) finished reading the last book of the Hunger Games (only the third time I've read the series but I really can't do much else except read those every time I begin them). The time was truly luxurious. 

And this morning I woke up to a beautiful smiling baby, some cuddles from the boy, mimosas and eggs Benedict prepared by my lovely husband. Oh, and snow on my lilacs! Sigh... spring in Boulder. The boys have given me lilies and roses and said lilacs throughout the week so our table is quite full of beautiful flowers. 

The sign says, "Happy Mother's Day Love Mom" and the dots are lights flashing

Life as a mom is like no other. Yes, my body has aches and pains in weird places from laying with a baby next to me or rocking him to sleep for 40 minutes or carrying a 40lb. child into bed. And yes, there is very little time for me these days. And yes, sometimes (especially during Zumba class when some lovely Jamaican music comes on) I fantasize about going off to live in some tropical location for awhile or even just having a tiny apartment just for me where everything would be in perfect order (I know, I'm a bit odd)... but truly, I wouldn't trade another life for this one if it came down to it. 

Last year at this very time, I was keeping my fingers crossed that our in vitro fertilization process was going to work and I'd end up pregnant. This year, I have a crazy adorable little baby to show for all our hard work. Every time I see his smile (or even just him), my heart fills to overflowing. Motherhood is a wonderful, challenging, lovely, difficult, joyous, hard, crazy, amazing, stressful, all-encompassing, lifelong journey. And I am so very thankful to be on it with all three of the fantastic boys in my life who have made me a mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there, especially my own who I have come to respect in so many ways after having my own kids! The human race would not exist without us all :)

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