Thursday, April 24, 2014


Quickly now, as is the norm these days....

We are in the thick of celebrating spring! Easter and all the new life this time of year brings forth: lilacs starting to bloom (!), tulips in their bright colours, everything greening up daily and warm (warm) weather is upon us. 

My Mother's Day bouquet from Jacob... a little early

Melted crayon shavings on top of hot cooked eggs!

Good Easter loot

 For Earth day this week, I decided to skip the gym and head out for a hike instead. Benjamin joined me for a hike at Chautauqua which was really lovely. A definite workout, too. 

Going for such a hike reminded me of when I first moved here. How everything felt so new and fresh and awesome. The beauty of the flatirons rising above town, the sweet vanilla scent of the Ponderosa pines, the arid climate. I absolutely loved it then. The transition back to here from the moist and gloriously green Northwest has been challenging for me but on my hike, I remembered how beautiful this area really is. And I also remembered how alive I feel when I go out into nature, getting away from all those (mostly) menial tasks that come with home and... well, grown up life. The morning rejuvenated my spirit and made me want more. 

And our little three-month-old continues to be adorable and challenging. Just like our big five year old. Just like all kids. Benjamin has good nights and bad nights, good days and bad days. My biggest challenge is helping him sleep long enough to get a good rest in while juggling taking Jacob to and from school. It's challenging enough with one to get him on a schedule of sorts, but with the two, it definitely throws a wrench in the plan on some days. Benjamin seems slow to want to adapt, too. But he's Mr. Adorable when he wakes and gives us the biggest grins! He's just learning to do little razzes with his tongue. And Jacob still think (overall) that he's hilarious. 

I really refrained on how many of these pictures I put up!

 Daily tasks or desires (like writing here!) still happen haphazardly depending on the day, the amount of sleep I've had and the positions of the planets (or so it seems at times). Such is life with kids!   

What?! It's hard to get things done with me around?!
 Yes, Cuteness, it is.

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