Tuesday, February 18, 2014

in brief

Whew! There are so many things I think about during a day to write about and share, and I have such ambition in the morning. But by evening, when I (sometimes) actually have the opportunity to sit down at the computer, I am spent. It seems a chore even to put pictures on my blog while watching some of the Olympics (which I will admit are really awesome and cool and inspiring but that tire me out because I never watch this much television and it drags me down to sit in front of it every night and I don't have time then to read my books and, oh right, we have a newborn who wakes up a few times a night!).

So, in the brief moment I have now, I will say that things are going well. Yay! Jacob continues to be a fantastic big brother, laughing at Benjamin, wanting to help him stop crying, being patient when I have to do something with the baby. I must say, I am impressed. The other day I did call Benjamin my darlin' baby and Jacob said, "That's what you call me. When you called him darlin' that made me feel left out." I'm a proud mama hearing my boy talk so honestly (and helpfully) about his feelings. We agreed that I would only call him that name and call Benjamin something else.

Jacob's request to bake something.... okay!

Benjamin is doing well, too. He definitely has his newborn fits when we don't really know what's bothering him while he's screaming his head off and we just have to hold him and wait it out. Or put him down and wait it out. But he's a better sleeper at night than Jacob was, going 4-5 hours between eating. He's a crazy pooper, too. Fraser, my mom and I have all been sprayed with poop in the last month. Once he starts, watch out!

Look at me in my 70's leisure suit...

There are times I feel ambitious, times I feel exhausted, times I feel crabby and times I feel content. All part and parcel of this new situation we're all a part of. The other night we were all sitting on the futon watching the Olympics and it just felt so nice to be a family of four, so... right. 

Baby power!
This is my cute look.

3 out of 4 smiling faces is pretty darn good, I think

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  1. I feel a great urge to crawl into the computer screen and magically appear in Boulder to love on y'all.