Monday, February 3, 2014

these days....

Life here these days is feeling pretty good. The second week of Benjamin's life outside the womb has been good. The biggest thing we're working on is sleeping at night and not just during the day. 

That's where my mom comes in. When it comes to the newborn days, she's a godsend. When Jacob was born and we went back to Michigan when he was a month old, she offered to get up in the night and feed him while I slept and woke up only to pump. It was the most amazing gift to get as a new mom when sleep deprivation felt like waking from death every time I had to do it each night (although I've never actually awoken from death, I think it must feel something like that: pulling yourself through mud to surface into a groggy partial awareness, your body feeling almost ill and your mind pushing through half dreams...).

This time around, I nurse the baby then bring him back to Grammy in the guest room and she takes care of all the hard stuff: diapering, soothing back to sleep, patiently waiting out any screamfests that take place. Because really, waking up from sleep and nursing are not as hard this time around; I'm used to doing that at this point. But the parts that are really hard at night are all the other things, like hearing the poop when he's just settled and I want to put him in his bed. Or laying down and thinking he's going to stay asleep but he's still making all the grunting, breathing, fussing noises because he's not yet ready. Those are things that turn a 20 minute feed session into an hour and a half ordeal where I'm about ready to shake a baby! (Okay, not really. I would never actually shake him. But it's very frustrating, nonetheless). So.... I cannot thank my mom enough. She loves spending time with the new baby, and I can manage to have some sanity. Seriously, best gift ever.

Jacob is also still being a stellar big brother! I am so proud of him and impressed by his patience during this transition. He's very interested in his little bro which is great. Again, I think it's been really helpful also to have my mom here giving him some attention, too. All in all, things feel good these days.


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  1. You're so blessed to have your mom helping, Jill. I remember my mother coming to the rescue with Justin. It was awesome. When Fraser arrived, I had already lost my mother 1 1/2 yr. before. It was so difficult with a newborn and a 3 1/2 y.o. by myself. Then Ray and I got mono together! It's a good thing Fraser was such an easy-going baby. ; )