Tuesday, December 31, 2013

hoiday happenings...

And so.... Christmas comes and Christmas goes, leaving a wake of toys with no place to go. Hahaha.... and lots of fun, too. We had a great, relaxing day doing nothing but enjoying each other and our gifts. Lovely.

This, friends, is what Jacob has been waiting for ever since we got the gingerbread house; I told him he could go crazy.

And tonight, New Year's Eve, I must admit I'm missing our good friends in Portland. We'd had a bit of tradition started of going over to their house on New Year's Eve. It feels pretty quiet here this year. However, we did manage to play a full game of Life with Jacob (his game choice). Pretty impressive for a five-year-old. Had some sparkling wine, popped some poppers and blew on some homemade horns and watched last year's ball drop. That will have to do for Jacob's celebration for this year. We'll see how long Fraser and I make it.....

Happy 2014 to you all!!


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