Friday, October 25, 2013

pictures and words....

I am trying to make it to this space more often, I swear. I just don't know that it's actually happening yet. I feel very... pulled and distracted these days. And I feel that this blog is again in kind of a... figuring out zone as far as topics go. I know I do generally just write about life and daily goings on, but sometimes I feel more focused than I do now. 

So, I'll just give you brief updates of our lives in (mostly) pictures.

Some rooms, Jacob's in this case, are coming along. Things take a long time to put together these days for several reasons: being pregnant, having an almost-five year old, finding room for all our stuff in a small house and being a bit anal. I want things to at least start out fully cleaned and all that, which takes a lot of effort these days. But... it's coming along. I have to remember that when Jacob was born, there were boxes everywhere in this house and we made it work. So... it will work this time, too. And eventually it will feel like that.

A neighbourhood walk in the fall weather, seeing the sights. Some lovely fall colour coming out, the fun discovery of someone's bike/skateboard ramp, a lending library at the nearby park! And I noticed that, especially with his bike helmet on, Jacob is looking quite... "Boulder" with his long hair. Many of you know this, but he's been growing his hair out for his Halloween costume. He's going to be a pumpkin hair-ghost so he wants the hair to be in his face. He actually wants it to be down to his feet, but that's not going to happen in time. This has been going on for months, though. I think it shows good creativity and the ability to wait for something, so I'm okay with it. However, I am still going to give him a bit of a haircut right after Halloween.

We had some of our old Portland neighbours come through town on an ambitious cross-country road trip. Very fun to see all the boys hang out and to catch up in person with my friend, Sarah. Jacob hasn't really found anyone that he really bonds with here yet, so it was nice to see him so delighted to see his good friend.

The cottonwoods are just going off out here, some just stunningly yellow.

We happen to have a few aspen outside our house, which are always lovely to look at. I noticed one of them tonight because it starkly contrasted the dark spruce behind it.

We got to see proofs of Jacob's first school pictures (!) the other day. Let me just say, I know I'm biased, but these are some of the cutest things I've ever seen. Although, I'll admit that when I first barely glanced at the sheet in Jacob's cubby, I thought, "who is that girl?" 


 And, at a lovely 27 weeks, little JJ is still enjoying rolling around inside the womb as well as dancing a jig around 10:30pm. I'm sure I've said it before, but this is one active kid. I'm still very hungry much of the day, but I'm remaining active with jazz and zumba classes, yoga, pilates, weekly walks. All in all, I feel really good physically. Mentally, I may have some issues, but physically, things are good. 

Jacob and I went to visit Fraser at work briefly today and, as I noticed myself in the reflection of his door, I thought, "I'm looking pretty good still. Clothes are really helpful, but I'm doin' alright." So I took a picture. Or a few :)

Thanks for checking in and seeing what's going on in our lives! And thanks for letting me know it...

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