Sunday, January 1, 2012

To see what we could see

The sun was shining today, finally. Quite cold, though, so we bundled up, and Jacob and I headed out for a little adventure. Just to see what we could see. We walked along the bike path behind our house and then ditched off on the little paths weaving between blackberry brambles, wild roses and cattails. Jacob was the leader, meandering here and there, splashing through the marshy cattails, picking up special leaves and asking me to gather some rose hips for him. 
Eventually we headed back to the cement path where Jacob immediately laid down. I think, at first, it was just a ploy to get me to carry him. But then he looked up and was mesmerized, caught in up in the wispy white clouds above us and the light blue of the afternoon sky. It brought me back to being young, laying on the grass and watching the clouds above me; how little I felt and how I was sure I could feel the earth moving beneath me. I laid down right next to Jacob, and we both stared up into the endlessness, picking out shapes and swirls in the clouds. What happiness to remember that feeling. To stop and look at the sky, let it fill my vision and transport me up into the realm of the air currents and eagles. To feel my heart soar.


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