Wednesday, April 17, 2013

stories of the boy

It has been awhile since I've posted some fun, good things about Jacob. Mostly I've had stresses and complaints about having a four-year-old. There is a lot going on in our lives these days, and I must remember that it's harder for him to process all that than us.... and it's hard enough for us at times!

So... there is plenty of good to be seen and experienced, even as there are challenges. I can't actually remember all the stories I recently told because it has been so long. If I repeat myself... alas.

:: It's hilarious when he goes to the bathroom, because he a) waits until the last minute and then b) rushes in, shouting, "I have to go pee so badly!" But always the announcement of it. Then, if he needs help, he'll sing, "I need helpa, I need helpa, I need helpa, forever nine" to the tune of Oh My Darling, Clementine. 

:: I picked out some gray socks for him one morning and he says, "That's not beautiful! I am a colourful boy."

:: "Did you see my hair? It felt like a mohawk."

:: I love when I hear him say "big" words: "The chicks will just scavenge around"; "What will the predator say?"; "The yo-yo contracts."

:: "I need some liquid."

:: "Mommy, say, 'you're very thorough'."

:: "I'm a brother so I would like to have a sister, please."

:: We were eating sausages one day. He asks, "Do we eat the intestines?" I say, "yeah". He says, "That doesn't sound good."

:: "My penis is bruised, just like in the 1930's. Like when you're old and gross." No idea what he's thinking on this one.

:: In the car, he was gyrating around and says, "Turn the music on. I'm dancing."

:: When talking about how much food he can eat, "Remember, our bodies are like compactors."

:: I was telling a story that occurred in late winter. He said, "Late winter... what's morning winter called?" It took me a minute to understand his question. I realized he wanted to know that fall comes before winter, in the early winter.

:: Looking for new rain boots one day.
M: Why don't you want to look for boots?
J: A, I don't think they'll have my size and B, I don't think I'll like any of them.

:: We're reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory these days. We were talking about the story and he asked how Willy Wonka can make a gobbstopper that lasts forever if you're sucking it. I said, "Well, Willy Wonka has a kind of magic with candy." Jacob says, "He's a magician." I say," Yeah, Willy Wonka is like a magician with chocolate." And Jacob corrects me, saying, "Willy Wonka is actually a magician with chocolate." I really love that he is so particular and (can) listen so closely. 

:: I did write this story on my facebook timeline, but, in case you missed it, here it is again.
In the car one day driving:
J: What if a line went on forever?
M: Wow, that would be some line.
J: Where would a line that went on forever end?
M: Hmm... can you even imagine a line that goes on forever?
J: A figure eight. An O. 
 Right. I mean, we do listen to Schoolhouse Rock and there is a song about figure 8. But that the kid seriously ponders these things while relaxing in the car is.... interesting. I'm going to have to get my studying on so I can help him with homework - in the third grade!

He's telling me, "No" about taking his picture.


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