Friday, September 13, 2013

moving during a flood while growing a baby....

Well, no pun intended, but when it rains, it pours. Things out here have been decidedly... interesting. It started raining a bit on Tuesday. I didn't think much about it. Even though it doesn't rain often here, it does happen. We had some nice thunder that evening... 

On Wednesday, we headed to our house to meet the movers, and it proceeded to rain on them all day as they unloaded all of our stuff. How do we acquire so much stuff? Seriously. It kept coming and coming and coming.

This was truck #1; they had to get three more crates in another truck

All day we're checking off boxes, directing where to put things, the rain was just steady. Thankfully, Jacob was at school all day. Meanwhile, it was one of those days when my stomach feels empty all the time, no matter what I eat, and we didn't have anything around the house. The last time we moved into this house I was also pregnant, a couple more months along, though. 

Jacob was excited to see the movers after school and then to start playing with things: his marble track and marbles were the first things he got out. When we found his rain boots the next day he was outside within moments. Fraser has been more motivated than I've ever seen him to unpack boxes (and we've moved together 3 times now). I'm the one who's on the couch at the end of the day, feet up, looking at him like, "you want to what? I'm just gonna sit here, probably eat something." 

Yesterday, as the rain continued, I cleared out most of our stuff from the house we were staying at, which was good because the basement there flooded later that evening. Again, I was trying to keep my belly satisfied while attempting to do something with the move. Jacob's school was cancelled due to flooding at this point. Our house was hanging tight, thankfully, with just one leaky skylight. Near dinner time, Fraser went out to the store and found one blocked off due to road closure, another grocery store simply closed. So when we found an open one, he stocked up on frozen dinners and soups. He came home and said, "I may have gone a little overboard." I said, "You have a pregnant wife and it's raining non-stop. I don't think you did."

It feels (and looks) bigger in person, I think
 Really, the past few days have been surreal, mostly seeing all the images of the flooding around town. I am feeling overwhelmed by all the boxes in this house and am not always enjoying having to eat all the time. However, these are minor problems, truly. I am very grateful that I am just cleaning dust bunnies and cobwebs out of my house, not mud and debris. I am grateful we still have a house. My heart goes out to all the people who are dealing with much worse things than I am right now.

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