Monday, August 19, 2013

hot, summer days

I know I said I'd try and write more often..... haha.... I pretty much feel like I'm in The Exorcist these days with my head spinning around. Fraser was out of town again last week, we're not in our actual house yet so trying to keep things organized is like trying to vacuum the beach, I'm trying to fill out school forms for Jacob before school actually starts in a couple weeks and... well.... I'm exhausted. And feeling just a bit out of control and crazy, honestly. 

Sigh... so, here are some pictures of the things we've been doing. We have been doing some fun things: The Children's Museum of DenverColorado Railroad Museum, and the Boulder County Fair among other places. We had one of our Portland friends in town, too, which was a special treat! 

"Portland Tiffany"

Bean and corn pool at the fair

at the Valmont bike park

"Look, Mommy, I'm riding on the steep part; centripetal force is pulling me to the side. Isn't that cool?!"

fun with dry ice

bubble house at the Children's Museum

a ball track!

miniature railroad set up - very cool


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