Thursday, July 25, 2013

month two

About a month ago, we left Portland and made our way to Boulder. This first month has had its ups and downs. There are days when I'm well-disracted and the time passes, I reconnect with an old friend or explore something fun around town. And there are days when I feel alone, sad and disconnected with this place. So it goes with a move. 

We're moving into another temporary house tomorrow for the next month until our actual house is available. The nomadic life is not so pleasant after awhile. I miss my own kitchen utensils and gadgets and knives and knowing where everything is; having staples like flour and baking supplies on hand for when I want to make something from scratch; our stock of craft supplies. Soon, soon. 

Meanwhile, we're headed up camping this weekend which should be fun. Bummer that I'll only have my phone with which to take pictures! My real camera is officially in the shop due to a mechanical problem. Being without a proper camera may have to be remedied sooner than my camera will be fixed. 

I'll leave you with a few pictures and some truly precious words from the boy...

This evening I was talking about what I wanted to do.
Me: I wanted to think about picking some stuff up around here.
Jacob: Well, I wanted to think about snuggling and love.

I was trying to find a piece of paper for Jacob to spit his gum into in the car, and I was looking at an airport parking stub from Portland and I said, "Oh... Portland."
Jacob says, "Does that say Portland? I don't want to spit my gum into that. I want you to always remember Portland and its spirit."  

We were eating dinner tonight and he had helped to make the tuna fish salad. I said it was really delicious and he said, "It's especially delicious when it's made with Jacob love."

And we went raspberry picking today!! A nice little place close to us, Hoot N' Howl Farm. I always seemed to miss that short season in Oregon, so I'm very glad to have hit it here. It helps that it lasts longer here. Not as laborious as strawberry picking but much more so than blueberry picking which I think is still my favourite fruit to pick on my own. We got about two pounds, though! Delicious. 


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