Saturday, August 3, 2013

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My posts have become few and farther between these days. I guess that's because I don't always know what to write about. I don't want to drone on about daily routines and yet, that's what we're pretty much in the midst of. So.... bear with me as I continue to figure out what to write about here and now.

Our camping trip last weekend was fun, although we got rained on more than we ever have camping. The irony of that happening to us in Colorado and not Oregon does not elude me. The thing about Oregon is that once it really hits summer, it doesn't rain, whereas here, we get the occasional afternoon thunderstorms.

moose track
 We were up in State Forest State Park  which happens to be the moose viewing capital of Colorado. Sadly, we did not see any moose. Besides tearing down camp in some pretty decent rain, we had a lovely time, including see some fantastic stars on our first night. Always good to get out in nature and the beauty of the world.

best family portrait I could get with the boy
 Meanwhile, we have moved - again. This time we're staying with good friends in beautiful location. There is a lot of land, gardens and lots of animals, so Jacob is very entertained. He loves following around the dog and cat, chasing the chickens, picking veggies out of the gardens and hanging out with all the people who frequent the house. 

the view

This past week, we started out with a lovely grey, cool day, and I know it sounds very bizarre that I would describe a grey day as lovely, but here's the thing. When you have sun all the time, it's kind of exhausting. Especially for someone like me who comes, first, from the Midwest and, recently, from Portland where you learn to appreciate the sunny days and get outside during them and do something. So here, where it's sunny almost every day, there's a feeling of needing to get outside and do something, every day, which is actually tiring. You feel guilty when you're not outside on a beautiful day but they're all like that! 

Anyway, the greyness and coolness was lovely. It made me think about fall in Michigan which is my favourite season and probably my favourite place to enjoy that season when things are quieting down and the clouds are wrapping you up in coziness.... ahh, I was definitely feeling nostalgic. Jacob and I took advantage and went on a little hike, though, which was nice. 

 Most days, though, it's been hot, hot, hot and we've been beating the heat any way we can. Sunscreen sucks, but pools are nice.

 This afternoon we were treated to a fantastic rain storm, though. It started with dark clouds and wind and a tornado watch. Of course, Fraser mentioned something of the tornado part to Jacob which had him running into the house and "trembling with fright", asking questions like, "Can tornadoes sweep up people? Am I going to die?" and saying things like, "I don't want it to sweep up our poor, beloved house." Cute, funny and a little sad all at once. 
After that part of the storm went east, a torrential downpour ensued. Literally, it was a white-out of rain. Totally crazy. Now, we were hearing things like, "This is so exciting. Totally insane. Crazy. This is unbelievable." Oh, that boy. It was a super cool storm, though. My only wish.... that I had had a good camera to take pictures of the mountains afterward!

Thanks, as always, for reading. I will try to be a bit more prolific with my blogging and keep it interesting! 

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