Sunday, July 21, 2013

around-town fun and belly pics

Jacob and I made it through our week sans Fraser who was off to Boston for work. I was definitely freaked out at the start of the week. However, with a good bit of self-reflection, some outings (with and without friends) and some good old-fashioned mommy stamina, we made it. And I can say we actually had a nice time.

A couple highlights: Noon Tunes in downtown Boulder, featuring children's musicians in July; and Open Arts Fest, also downtown. I most definitely appreciate how easy it is to get downtown, park and walk around in Boulder. That's a plus for the smaller-ness of this town.

Beautiful art +  good street musicians + water fountains = good times. 

Hanging with a friend

Continuum - good stuff!

We also scouted out a donut shop a friend told us about; Boulder is not known for having many (or any) donut shops. Sacrilegious, I know. This place, Tee & Cakes doesn't have a huge selection of donuts but the glazed one we had was delicious.

Cool bathroom wallpaper
Now that Daddy's back, it's "Daddy, look at this" and "Daddy, look at that" and all sorts of variations. It's very sweet to see him want to show Fraser things and tell him about our week. We took a family hike this morning while it was still cool, and Jacob did a little mountain biking, which he loved (the downhill most, of course). I'm remembering that here, you must be up early to get to the trailheads so you can get a parking spot because people here are that ambitious. All the time. I do look forward to more hiking, though. There is a lot of beauty here, for sure. 

Lastly, because I've been meaning to put these up for awhile, some pictures of my belly. Not that strangers would think too much of it at this point, but I can sure tell there's something unusual going on down there. And even though this is just the beginning still, I feel like I have to eat all the time. I'll eat and feel stuffed but 20 minutes later, I'll feel like I'm hungry. Not that I want to put anything in there because I still feel full. Sometimes, I admit, it's only ice cream that seems to fill the hole in my tummy. Sigh.... better hurry up and get another gym membership. 

13 weeks, in the morning

13 weeks, in the evening, after dinner

13 weeks, how my belly really feels by the end of the day


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