Wednesday, July 17, 2013


With (phone) camera in hand, we've been out and about finding ways to entertain ourselves. Here's some of our findings:

There are a lot of trails behind, through, around all the houses where we're staying. It's really nice, and Jacob and I have been taking short evening walks after dinner. There's an irrigation ditch/creek back there which, of course, he'd like to wade in, trying to look into all the drains that lead into it. And no, tall scratchy grass on his naked tummy doesn't phase him in the least.

Hiking the Cottonwood Trail where we found another creek that is used by farmers to irrigate their land.

Another evening walk about...

We live near where hot air balloon rides are given. Lots of mornings we'll look out the windows and see balloons. This morning I looked out and saw four which was more than usual. But then, as I was looking out at them, I heard this crazy loud whooshing, roaring sound coming from outside. I thought, 'what in the heck is going on outside? What is someone doing to their house? Power-washing?' Then it occurs to me to look up and sure enough, there's a balloon coming right over our house. The fire heating the air was making the roaring sound. I could see the fire, the people waving. Super cool.

 Wednesday afternoon trip to the farmers market. We had some tasty raspberry sorbet, our favourite dumplings (Sisters' Pantry) and a raspberry smoothie as well as some quality creek time. Lots of people tubing it on these hot summer days. I also got some peaches from the western slope. I know I don't have to say what you expect me to say.... they are still tasty.

Some playground time, too.

And one last funny comment by Jacob. We have some raspberry bushes out in the front yard here and he's always checking for ripe ones. Tonight he says, "These raspberries are so good it makes me want to say damn." Honestly, I don't know where he got the context for that one, but it was funny nonetheless. 

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